SiteSearchApp as the Smartest Swiftype Alternative

Acquire the same powerful search features from Swiftype to deliver relevant results, employ in-depth search analytics, and boost conversions & sales without hurting your pocket.

Improved Site Search Without the Complexity

Direct your sale prospects and customers to the products and content that matters. Give them what they need while presenting great user-experience and your conversions and sales will skyrocket. Cover even the most elaborate queries submitted and ensure you return something of value and relevance. Designed with an intuitive language modelling intelligence and advanced search algorithm, produce and optimize correct search results for improved sales in no time. Trust us.

Typo Tolerance

Missing letters and misspelled words will never be a problem


Cover singular and plural variations of search terms

Bigram Matching

Queries typed with or without spaces? It doesn’t matter.


Even words with suffixes are considered

Phrase Matching

Cover exact phrase matches or close variations

Autocomplete Suggestions

Present relevant results as users type in their queries

Intuitive Operator Console

Review every search that happens as it happens. Explore user-behavior, search patterns, and trends through the SiteSearchApp operator console. Find business opportunities by analyzing accumulated data and improving sales strategies and marketing campaigns.


Obtain a quick overview on all queries submitted, user-sessions recorded, indexed data, and other relevant search information vital for deeper website search analysis.

Search Preview

See what products will appear on search results based on what search terms were submitted. Tailor product rankings here.


Map product attributes you want included on search results, set-up synonym sets for specific keywords, and conveniently track, manage, import, and export search indices covered.


Get a better understanding on what web visitors are searching for. Obtain customer behavioral data including queries submitted, top search terms, search terms that did not return results and more and then use these to make actionable steps for your sales and marketing strategies.

Customizability and Control At Your Hands

Customize how you want products to appear on search results. Adjust product rankings based on your current promotions, inventory level, or merchandising strategies. Re-ordering products is easily done by drag and drop. Show best sellers or highly rated products on top search results as well as push down sold out products at the bottom of the results by adding product weights.

Search Convenience for Everyone
Flexible, easy-to-operate and manage
Can be set-up and installed by marketers and sales team members
Index in real-time or as scheduled, sitewide or by individual records
Allows blacklisting of IPs to exclude searches done by your team or countries you don’t serve

SiteSearchApp vs Swiftype

SiteSearchApp Swiftype
Filter Indexed Data As You Willt
Filter or sort indexed data anytime. No need to duplicate engines just to filter or sort in multiple ways
Synonym Sets
Help users search no matter the vernacular used by associating search terms and creating synonym sets
Product Ranking
Re-order how results are to be shown per query submitted. Highlight promotions and push down less significant content on search results
Customizable Product Weights
Adjust product weights based on merchandising strategies to increase relevance of specific products based on values assigned
In-Depth Analytics
Improve search experience of sale prospects and customers by understanding what and how they search on your website through comprehensive analytics and analytical history
IP Whitelisting
Gather search terms for analysis only from relevant, trusted, and spam-free sources
Multi-User Collaboration
Work together with your team through multi-user access to the operator console
Strong-Password Enforcement
High security account access and user-login

Ready to make the smartest move?

Get the SiteSearchApp today and start returning results that matter — for your customers and you.