SiteSearchApp as the More Economical Search Spring Alternative

Get almost the same search power, customizability, and control as what Search Spring provides without going over your budget.

Advanced Semantic Search Functionalities

Widen your search results scope without sacrificing search relevancy. Cover any typo mistakes in queries submitted through the following:

Synonym Sets

Create search term associations and connections to ensure each query submitted does not return zero results. This way, web visitors are directed to the closest product based on query submitted.

Typo Tolerance

The SiteSearchApp can perform spell check as well as consider partial matches on queries submitted.

Derivatives & Stemming

Take into consideration variations of a query submitted. The SiteSearchApp covers singular and plural variations as well as words with suffixes.

Live Search & Autocomplete Suggestions

Suggest relevant results as prospects and customers type in their queries. Autopopulating search results while users are typing their queries is also possible.

Full Control on Search Results

Deliver not just relevant but also personal search results. Similar to Search Spring, the SiteSearchApp also offers the capability to tailor product rankings based on your running promotions, merchandising strategies, and inventory status. Easily drag and drop products from the Search Preview tab to customize what you want to be displayed on top of search results. You can also assign product weights from the Indices tab to promote best-sellers, highlight top rated products and brands as well as push down sold-out products on search results.

In-Depth Site Search Analytics

Capture prospect and customer behavioral data as they navigate through the website. Get data on top search terms, search terms that did not return any results, IP and country source information, search tables and graphs that can all be used to improve sales strategies and marketing campaigns.

SiteSearchApp VS Search Spring

SiteSearchApp Search Spring
Quick and Easy Installation and Set-up
Integrating the search platform only takes a few minutes.
Create Synonym Sets
Consider all queries submitted by adding and assigning synonym sets
Intuitive Search Tools
Presents stemming, typo tolerance, spelling corrections, etc.
Autocomplete Suggestions
Suggest relevant results as users type in their queries
Search Preview
Users see how results will appear on search results page
Product Weights
Assign product weights to highlight top rated/best-sellers/promo products on search results and push down products with low inventory
Product Rankings
Tailor product rankings based on merchandising strategies
Company Size
Ensure brand consistency by matching your website’s branding

The Search Spring Site Search Alternative You Can Depend On

Direct your sale prospects and customers to the right products with the better and budget-friendly SiteSearchApp today!