What’s There to Love?

Everything. Say goodbye to horrible search with all these SiteSearchApp features. The secret to better conversions is to never let your prospects and returning customers wait. Help them find the product or product categories they are exactly looking. It’s easy with these:

Autocomplete Suggestions

Lead your visitors to the right path by displaying related products, categories, and other relevant pages as they type their queries. Save their time by quickly suggesting data types matching their search terms. They’ll love you for it.

Synonym Sets

No matter what language your prospects and customers used in their queries, be sure to return something for them, the most appropriate product related to their search term. Installing the SiteSearchApp extension to an Odoo website allows setting up of associated words, expanding the scope of your search results so instances of zero results returned are greatly minimized.


Display the right products your prospects and customers need even when they commit common spelling errors. The SiteSearchApp has the capability to automatically correct these, still showing the closest results possible no matter what.

Smart Semantic Search Functionalities

Present search convenience with smart search functionalities offered by the Odoo extension. These include derivatives that consider plural and singular versions of queries, bigram matching that covers even spaces between queries, and phrase matching that consider exact phrase matches or close variations.

Powerful Freedom and Flexibility At Hand

Manage every search result delivered to users as you will. The SiteSearchApp Odoo extension is so powerful that it offers you full control on what you want prospects and customers to see. Optimizing these search results sets the stage for increased engagement, improved conversions, repeated user-visits, and higher total revenues.

Dive into user-behavior and explore their search patterns throughout your Odoo website with real-time search analytics. Develop your sales strategies and make better merchandising decisions based on gathered data, including top search terms recorded or search terms that did not return any results.

Equipped with insightful search statistics, modify how you want to position and promote products on your search results. Re-ordering how products are displayed is easy as dragging and dropping them from the Search Preview tab available once you download the SiteSearchApp extension. Assign weights based on product availability, cost, conversion rates, reviews, promos and more. Through these capabilities, you get to customize the navigation pathways of users, influencing what products or categories they’ll be directed to while considering your best interests.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Break away from traditional and restricted site search. With better search technology from SiteSearchApp comes the best ecommerce results.

Exceptional Digital Experience for Everyone

The SiteSearchApp Odoo extension defines convenience not just for customers but also for marketers and sales team members.

Mobile Friendly Search

The SiteSearchApp presents the same smart search even when Odoo websites are accessed through mobile phones, tablets, or other devices, helping strengthen direct correlation between outstanding user-experience and boosted conversions.

Seamless Odoo Extension Integration

Installing the SiteSeachApp extension does not call for technical expertise. Anyone can do it, from your marketers to even your sales team members. Integration only requires a few clicks plus copying and pasting credentials. Manual set-up of search indices and website re-indexing is easy-peasy, we guarantee.

The SiteSearchApp is All-Encompassing

Offer the most relevant search results to your prospects and customers, no matter how many products you manage.