Odoo User Installation Guide

How to install the SiteSearchapp module in Odoo

  1. 1. Download the module from SCI Gitbucket or Odoo apps and add it on your Odoo addons folder.
  2. 2. Restart the Odoo server.
  3. 3. Log on to your Odoo server and go to the Apps menu.
  4. 4. Trigger the debug mode and update the apps list by clicking the "Update App List" button.
  5. 5. Search the app, website_searchapp, and click install.

How to use the SiteSearchapp module in Odoo


Open Website > Configuration > SiteSearchApp > Configuration and input your API credentials. Save the changes and then click the Test Connection button for verification.

SiteSearchApp Configuration

A success message will show upon successful API connection. If you encounter problems, please email us at help@sitesearchapp.com or call us at 1-888-699-7245.

SiteSearchApp Successful Connection

SiteSearchApp records the search queries from the users. If you want to disable logging for a certain IP address, add the IP under the SiteSearchApp Logging field. If more than one, separate the IP addresses by a comma.

SiteSearchApp Logging

Synchronize your indices to Odoo by clicking the Get Indices button. Clicking this will retrieve the indices and redirect you to the Indexer page. After setting up indices, go back to the configuration page and click the Index Site button to start synchronizing data to SiteSearchApp.

SiteSearchApp Setting Up Indices

SiteSearchApp, by default, will re-index your site once a day. To override this default functionality, open the developer mode and go to Settings > Technical > Automation > Scheduled Actions and open SiteSearchApp Indexer. You may change the default values, but it is recommended to keep the Execute Every at a maximum of twice a day. This is to avoid server connection timeout issues.

SiteSearchApp CRON Override

Site-wide and record-specific indexing is also available. To index a specific record, go to Website > Configuration > SiteSearchApp > Indexer and open a record. At the head of the form, click the Index Record button.

SiteSearchApp Record-Specific Indexing

To re-index site-wide, go to Website > Configuration > SiteSearchApp > Configuration and click the Index Site button.

SiteSearchApp Site Wide Indexing
Note: It is important to re-index the website after adding, updating or deleting records in the backend e.g. creating products, updating prices, or deleting categories. Simply click the Index Site button to trigger site-wide indexing.

Open Website > Configuration > SiteSearchApp > Configuration and hover to the SiteSearchApp Styling section. This section lets you customize color styles (hex value or basic css color names) to the search suggestion box and choose the best position of the search suggestions box. You can also add a css code on the Custom CSS Styling field.

SiteSearchApp Frontend Styling