Get the Best to Offer the Best

In order to provide a valuable search experience for your prospects and customers, you would need a back-up smartly built to do so. This is where SiteSearchApp comes in and why its on top-tier compared to others.

Full Control at Your Fingertips

Decide on product ranking and what you want to show on results with whatever search terms users submit. Want to present products of the month or a brand with a high inventory compared to others your carry? Impact how your users will see the results. Do it by simply dragging and dropping items from a Search Preview tab.

Win Insightful Data As It Happen, When It Happen

Offering real-time search analytics, get to understand how users behave while searching your Magento store. Having these comprehensive data at hand as and while everything happens, including top search terms used or search terms that returned zero results, gives you the power to make the right decisions on how you can promote products better.

Weigh Everything Out

Highlight and focus on products that are most likely to return good revenues. Depending on your sales goal, set weights on products that you want displayed on your Magento website search results -- considering their availability, costs, conversion rate values, product ratings or reviews, and more.

The SiteSearchApp is for Everyone.

Offer relevant and targeted search results no matter how big or small your Magento store is.

Technology and Flexibility Defined

Make everything easy for everyone who searches your Magento website. Engineered with advanced search technology, the SiteSearchApp delivers ultimate freedom to Magento stores, allowing optimization of search results and customization of how users navigate a website. Propagate repeated user-visits and amplify conversions with the following:

Omniscient Website Search

Returning the right product to users at the right time inarguably paves the way for boosted orders and increased sales. Cover all search terms submitted to your Magento website through the SiteSearchApp with included features such as autocomplete for suggesting related products and categories, spell-check for taking into consideration any possible spelling errors, and most importantly, synonym sets that lets you create associations between search terms -- incorporating possible vernacular differences to expand scope of search results.

Smart Search on the Go

Anticipate conversions to sky-rocket when you bring in exceptional user-experience. Give them what they want anywhere they are and anytime they want it. The SiteSearchApp is designed to be mobile-friendly, providing users with the same smart and customized Magento site search experience whether they are using a tablet, a mobile phone, or any other device.

Flawless Integration

Unlike other site search applications available online, users need not to be developers nor technical experts to integrate the SiteSearchApp on a Magento website. With a few clicks, copying, and pasting credentials here and there, users are able to install the available Magento extension. Setting up search indices and reindexing a website can be done by anyone.

Enjoy Incomparable Site Search Intelligence and More

It's time to bid goodbye to old-fashioned limited site search and say hello to SiteSearchApp's progressive search technology.