SiteSearchApp Is More Flexible Than Google Site Search Alternative

Switch to a feature packed enterprise site search that provides intelligent  algorithms, customization, and convenience not found anywhere else. 

Give Them What They Want

Lead your sale prospects and customers to the exact products they are looking for,
not an endless list of irrelevant search results.

Weigh It Out

Running a promotion? Highlighting top rated products? Reducing overstock? No problem. Add product weights based on their relevance, your merchandising strategies, and how you want these to appear on the search results through the SiteSearchApp’s Indices tab. 

Tailor Product Rankings

Get full control on what you want to appear on search results depending on queries submitted. Reorganizing products on the search results list is as easy as drag and drop on the SiteSearchApp’s Search tab.

Offer Great User Experience

Say goodbye to ads showing up at the top of your search results. Unlike Google Site Search, the SiteSearchApp is not an ad supported product. This ensures that your sales prospects and customers only see what you want them to see and nothing else that might distract them.

Employ Brand Consistency

Strengthen your business’ brand identity with a site search that compliments your website. Having a cohesive site search adds up to a better user experience without confusing sale prospects and customers with sudden displays featuring third-party’s branding.

Cover Wider but More Targeted Search Results

Create associations and synonym sets for customer queries. This takes into account a user’s intent when searching for a product and leads them to the right item even when they use different search terms.

Advanced Search Technology At Your Fingertips

The SiteSearchApp was developed with exceptional search technology and control compared to free site search extensions. Configure the navigational paths of web visitors, provide the best suited products , and then turn them into customers. Optimize search results with smart semantic search functionalities available including spellcheck, phrase matching, bigram matching and autocomplete suggestions.

Comprehensive Site Search Metrics

Never feel limited with SiteSearchApp. Dig deeper and get more personal with your sale prospects and customers. Having insightful customer behavioral data analytics including queries submitted, IP, and country source information, and a lot more help in strategizing for sales and marketing campaigns.

Sitesearchapp vs Google Site Search

SiteSearchApp Google Site Search
Fast and Easy Installation and Set-up
Integrating the search platform only takes a few minutes.
Autocomplete Suggestions
Suggest relevant results as users type in their queries.
Add in Synonyms
Cover whatever query submitted by creating and assigning synonym sets.
Ad-free Search Results
Never disrupt a user’s search experience with displayed ads from third-parties or even competitors.
Improved Web Insights
Trouble-free integration with your website analytics.
Index It Your Way
Index your website’s content in real-time or scheduled. Manually index sitewide or by individual records.
Insightful Keyword Analytics
Access real-time analytics on top searchers, searches that did not return results, as well as searches without clickthroughs. Get customer data including IP, country source, search tables, and graphs
Complete Customizability
Ensure brand consistency by matching your website’s branding
Live Search
Populate search results right away while users type in queries

Breakfree from Limited Site Search.

Get more search features and offer more results relevancy with the SiteSearchApp today.