SiteSearchApp End-User Guide

Here is a quick run through on how to navigate the SiteSearchApp Console

Login Page

SiteSearchApp Login Page

Login to with designated username and password.


SiteSearchApp Dashboard

This page displays a visualization of your queries such as total queries, total queries with no results, user session, index data and search terms.


SiteSearchApp Indices
This is where you can find the list of indices that your site have (Product, Category, Cms & Blog), and manage it.

Manage - This is where you can edit the fields of your index data such as doc_keywords, name, price and etc.

List of system generated fields:

  • doc_keywords - additional field to handle the additional search keyword.
  • doc_terms - filtered keyword that will combine the sku and name.
  • doc_weight - field that holds the value of search weight. You can manually adjust the search weight of every index(document).

The rest of the fields are generated by the site such as name, price, image & etc. You can also switch the view from table data to raw data, using the button shown below.

SiteSearchApp Manage Indices

You can add more keywords in the doc_keywords field by clicking the button. Hover the column under doc_keywords. Add the keyword and click update.

SiteSearchApp Update Documents

Mapping - is the process of defining how a document, and the fields it contains, are stored and indexed. This is where you can add additional fields for your document to be stored upon index.

SiteSearchApp Mapping

Synonyms - this helps to broaden the scope of search by simplifying the word or by relating concepts and ideas into the document. This is where your simplified word, concepts and ideas for the document will added.

SiteSearchApp Synonyms

Search Preview

SiteSearchApp Search Preview

This is where you can manage the view of your search document on how it looks on your site. If you have products, categories, or articles you want to prioritize, you can drag and drop the item to switch the search result order.


SiteSearchApp Analytics
This page allows you to generate sophisticated analytic data over your searches such as User session and etc.

Searches - this is the overview of you searches which includes the search graph and search table

SiteSearchApp Searches

Top Search - is an overview of your top search terms including the no results

SiteSearchApp Top Searches

Source Countries - is an overview of the top countries that are constantly using the search on you site.

SiteSearchApp Source Countries

User Sessions - List of user sessions that are using the search

SiteSearchApp User Sessions

You can also view the words searched by each user by simply clicking on the user name.

SiteSearchApp User Searches

My Account

SiteSearchApp My Account

This is where you can view your personal information such as your API Key, Prefix, list of Index and etc.