How to Optimize the SiteSearchApp for the Results You Want

|Sep 30, 2019
                        The SiteSearchApp is a very powerful website search platform and maximizing its potential to the fullest entails optimization knowledge, skills, and time. Understanding not just website search analytics but also user behavior and then strategically putting all these acquired data into good use might be a struggle at first but you’ll easily get the hang of it as you become familiar with how to properly manage a dynamic on-site search. 

                        By revamping your sales, marketing, and merchandising strategies based from comprehensive search data accumulated by the SiteSearchApp, you present sales prospects and customers the most relevant and hyper targeted search results and in some way control how they think and behave, leading them to convert, request for quotations, or instantly purchase. 

                        Effectively utilizing the SiteSearchApp will guarantee boosted user-engagements and conversion rates. Do this efficiently by taking advantage of the following: 
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                        1. Make the most of Zero Search Results data

                        Regularly check the SiteSearchApp operator console for collected search terms with no results. Treat these as opportunities to direct web visitors to the closest product or service by adding in synonyms, returning them relevant products that do not exactly match their search terms. 
                        • Misspellings
                        Add synonyms to cover correct spelling as well as misspelling of queries
                        • Competitive brands
                        Users may be searching for brands you do not offer. Make a quick  research on these brands to be familiar with the product types they carry and then    use these product types as synonyms for the nearest product or service you have 
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                        2. Capitalize on Top Search Terms

                        Don't forget to review recorded top search terms that can be accessed through the SiteSearchApp dashboard as well.

                        • Best-Selling and Converting Products
                        Make sure the top products seen on the search results page for the highest volume search terms are the ones that convert. You can  do this by adjusting product weights under Indices when logged in to the app or by updating product rankings through the Search Preview tab of the app. To decide which products actually convert or not, you can go through your sales reports to see best-selling items from a specific date range. 

                         • Irrelevant and Non-Converting Products
                        Observe search results on top search terms collected and see what products should be demoted from the order of results. These may be products already out of stock, non-promo products, products not relevant to the query submitted, or just auxiliary products to the main item visitors are searching for. Tailor product weights and rankings to move these from one position on the results page to another.
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                        3. Exhaust  all possibilities through Synonym Sets

                        Assigning synonyms to popular search terms acquired or search terms that returned zero results changes the game. Not only can doing so take into account search intent of users despite differences in the vernacular used, but it also capture all possible terminologies no matter how varied these are and still return the most relevant search results. 

                        • Synonym finder
                        Utilize free synonym finder tools online to discover commonly used synonyms for top search keywords gathered
                        • Competitor search terms
                        Perform a quick Google search on keywords commonly seen on search terms recorded and see how competitors are optimizing these on their site,  particularly in their page titles and H1 tags. Add these as synonyms and observe results. 

                        • Avoid long tailed synonyms
                        Google search terms in a search phrase and note if these returned relevant results in high volumes. If they do, then you can add the search term or phrase as a synonym.

                        • Avoid adding plural and different tense versions of search terms
                        SiteSearchApp already recognizes plural versions of search queries as well as words in different tenses so don’t waste time adding these as synonyms anymore 
                        You must understand that doing all these should never be considered as something trivial. Each step contributes to the whole website search process, ensuring everyone undergo a great search experience with the ultimate goal of leading sales prospects and customers to the exact product or service they are looking for. When you give exactly what your web visitors want or something more of what they expect, that is when the magic happens, that is when they make a favorable action, that is when they convert and eventually turn into customers or if they are already customers then for them to repeat their purchase. 
                        Get the results everyone wants, conversions and sales that highly matter, by optimizing the SiteSearchApp. They say nothing worth having comes easy but we can make it happen for you. We have partnered with a trusted online marketing agency, SCI, who are well-recognized digital marketing experts and have been with us every step of the way in doing these optimizations as a monthly service for our wide ranging clientele. Also interested in their services? Let us know by submitting the contact us form and we'll respond back with a quotation for you.