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Breakaway from Traditional and Restricted Odoo Search

No need to search high and low for a flexible, smart, and economical website search platform for Odoo websites. Designed to offer better search technology than regular Odoo search extensions, the SiteSearchApp guarantees the most relevant search results to help generate engagements and conversions that matter for total revenues that soar.


Employ Advanced Search Algorithms

Optimize search, return correct results, and give customer’s what they want with SiteSearchApp’s smart semantic search functionalities including autocomplete suggestions, spelling corrections, synonym sets, derivatives, bigram matching, phrase matching, stemming and more

Take Advantage of Comprehensive Search Statistics

Explore customer behavior and search patterns through detailed
search statistics including aggregated user data and queries to modify sales, marketing, and merchandising strategies accordingly.


Exercise Complete Control and Customizability

Fine-tune search results by tailoring product rankings and weights to put focus on promo products or highlight products with higher ratings. Add synonym sets to cover vernacular differences, expanding relevant search scope.

Monitor Everything Through an Easy-to-Navigate User Dashboard

Track and manage all indices included in your website’s search, preview how products are shown on search results, decide on how many products or data types should be included per search result page, and get a quick overview on all user-related information gathered through the SiteSearchApp’s operator dashboard.


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