Advanced Search Algorithm For All Site Queries

Increase user engagement and conversion rates with SiteSearchApp’s smart semantic search functionality. Give users the best search results based on their query. Take advantage of the advanced features to produce and optimize the best search results, leading to increased Sales and Revenue.

Spelling Corrections

Get typo tolerance to cover missing letters and misspelled words. 

mixr = mixer


Singular or plural search terms? No problem.

centrifuges = centrifuge

Bigram matching

With or without "the space", SiteSearchApp has your back.

microplate = micro plate


For the great, greater, and greatest results.

intelligently = intelligent

Phrase Matching

Consider exact phrase matches or a close variation.  

“quality search” = “search quality”


Guide visitors to type in the correct terminology. Display related products, categories, pages, or other data types as users type their queries

The Search Convenience Everyone Deserves

Upgraded Search Technology Designed for Everyone

Flexible and easy to operate, the SiteSearchApp is all inclusive. Anyone can use and manage it, from marketers to web designers. Built to be developer friendly, the SiteSearch API also allows customized integrations.

Collect. Analyze. Execute.

With the best technology comes the best results. Evaluate search terms collected, produce data driven content, raise user engagements.

Index It Your Way

Index data in real-time or as scheduled. Manually index sitewide or by individual records. You decide.

Updated Search Data 

The SiteSearchApp also observes status of search data. Anything disabled or removed from your website, whether products, categories, or blogs, will then reflect on the SiteSearchApp after the next website reindex.

Unadulterated Search Data

SiteSearchApp allows blacklisting of IPs. This lets you gather search terms for analysis only from relevant sources. Exclude  searches done by areas you do not serve or by your team.

Unambiguous Integration and Uncomplicated Roll-out

Incorporating the SiteSearchApp API to your website is effortless with its easy to install integration module. Setting up indices depending on product and page data, as well as updating search style and design, is incredibly simple thanks to the API’s straightforward Graphic User Interface.

Insightful Site Search Statistics

Review accumulated. comprehensive search data to explore user behavior, search patterns, and trends. With a better understanding on this information, planning and deciding on your business approach and product offers becomes fast and easy.

Monitor search statistics and smoothly navigate the app through the following:

Sitesearchapp Dashboard

Get a quick overview on the total queries aggregated, user sessions, indexed data, and other user related information essential for an in-depth website search analysis.

Sitesearchapp Search Preview
Search Preview

Check what users see on the search results page when a particular keyword is submitted. Preview how many products or data types are to be displayed and decide how many of these should appear per page based on your preference.

Sitesearchapp Indices

Seamlessly track, manage, import, and export all indices covered.  Map product attributes to be displayed on the site search as well as manage how they should be stored and indexed.  Set-up synonyms for specific keywords.

Sitesearchapp Analytics

Discover what your web visitors are searching for. With deeper insights on customer behavioral data, your teams can immediately take steps and modify sales strategies for a richer site search experience and a better customer support system:

  • Specify date ranges to cover
  • Review all queries documented
  • View search table and graph
  • Collect IP and country source information of users
  • Print and export search data in PDF or Excel formats
  • View top search terms as well as search terms that did not return results

Having complete visibility to user behavior when searching your website, you can promote products and services by:

  • Adding synonyms or redirecting users to the correct products when they use competitors brand keywords
  • Reviewing queries that returned zero results and add synonyms for them to direct visitors to the right pages

Experience Intuitive Customizability and Complete Control

Create Keyword Synonyms

Add connections and associations to search terms or concepts by assigning synonyms to take into account user-intent regardless of vernacular differences, therefore expanding scope of search results. With these considered, directing users to the right products or content become seamless despite of varied keywords used.

Fine-tune Results by Filters

Set-up attribute filters to refine search results, leading users to the products they exactly need. Options can be narrowed down by date, price, content type, and more. 

Tailor Product Rankings

Consider weights and adjust search results relevance of products with the SiteSearchApp. Control what shows up first on the search results depending on your merchandising requirements. Modify your search output according to your needs, whether putting focus on promo products or highlighting products with higher ratings or more reviews. 

Give Them What They Want

The SiteSearchApp grants the flexibility to tailor your search results for prospects and customers -- working with detailed analytics and cultivating meaningful engagements for elevated conversions and sales. Cover each search angle with the following:

Product Weights

Highlight product relevance on search results by adjusting their weights. By default, each product field has an assigned value of 1 as its weight. To increase its significance and have it showing on top of your search results, you can adjust it and use a higher value.

Product Rankings

Control what appears first on search results for any query submitted. This can be done by entering a specific query on the Search Preview tab of the Operator Console, and then dragging and dropping products as you want them ordered on the search results.

Synonym Sets

Anyone from all over the world can visit your website so you would need to consider how language affect search patterns. Setting up synonym sets can help capture all possible terminologies submitted by users. It does not really matter if the words or terms you add are actually synonyms so you can use this to manipulate search direction of your sales prospects and customers. Simply saving a synonym set activates it and you can test this on the Search Preview tab of the console.

Example of synonym sets:

  • T-shirt, shirt, tee, top
  • Water bottle, tumbler, sports bottle
  • Piano, keyboard, organ

Because the SiteSearchApp uses an advanced search algorithm already, you would not need to create synonyms for:

  • Plural versions of queries like “shoe” and “shoes”, “shirt” and “shirts”
  • Terms preceded by articles such as “a book”, “the bag”, and “an apple”
  • Words in different tenses like “work”, “worked”, and “working”
SiteSearchApp Integrations with Odoo and Magento

Connect the SiteSearchApp to Your eCommerce Platforms

Installation can be done by anyone from your team. We promise.

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How to Optimize the SiteSearchApp for the Results You Want

The SiteSearchApp is a very powerful website search platform and maximizing its potential to the fullest entails optimization knowledge, skills, and time. Understanding not just website search analytics but also user behavior and then strategically putting all these acquired data into good use might be a struggle at first but you’ll easily get the hang of it as you become familiar with how to properly manage a dynamic on-site search.

Pricing Based on Your Needs

Power up your search by selecting from the available monthly packages below.
$ 95 /mo

Pages: 5,000
Queries: 10,000

95.00 95.00 95.0 USD
$ 475 /mo

Pages: 15,000
Queries: 30,000

475.00 475.00 475.0 USD
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$ 770 /mo

Pages: 50,000
Queries: 100,000

770.00 770.00 770.0 USD
$ 990 /mo

Pages: 125,000
Queries: 250,000

990.00 990.00 990.0 USD
$ 1475 /mo

Pages: 250,000
Queries: 500,000

1,475.00 1,475.00 1475.0 USD
*For sites that have more than 250,000 pages, please call us to discuss your needs.
*Additional queries are $75 per 10,000.

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